Lori Schory

Lori Schory was raised in an artistic household where she was encouraged to pursue creative endeavors. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University in 1981. She became interested in the artistic side of hand lettering and soon developed the skills to combine this interest with her Fine Arts background. Lori combines her artistic talents with a great sense of humor and inventiveness. Her images have been licensed for puzzles, stationary, art prints, music boxes, switch plates, checks, rugs, and more!

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Aloha Hut 2

Beach Ball

Beach Umbrellas 2

Colada Pineapple Welcome

Diggin' Summer

Flamingo 5 O'clock

Flip Flops 1

It's Flip Flop Time!

Let's Cool Off

Lizards 5 O'clock

Margarita Welcome

Pineapple Welcome

Tiki No Evil Aloha

Butterflies and Pink Orchids

Butterfly Garden

Feeder 1

Garden 1

Garden 2

Hummingbird Morning Glories

Hummingbird House Butterflies


Monarch on Hibiscus

Morning Glories and Butterflies

Welcome Spring

Fall Pumpkins

Halloween Eyes

Halloween Ghost

In Everything Give Thanks

Kitties and Apples 2


Turkey Happy Thanksgiving

Cardinal 1

Happy Holly Days

Happy Halloween 1

Penguins Skating

We the People

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