Jerianne Van Dijk

Jerianne began her road to success as an artist in advertising agencies and as a button designer. Her creativity soon came to the fore and she realized her joy in creating art- be it fine art, whimsical or illustration. Her favorite mediums include watercolor, gouche, ink, pastels and oil. She resides in California with her husband and children and hamster. Surround by vineyards, she creates a great deal of art related to wine and wineries.


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Country Vineyard

Red Wine and Fruit

Taste of Tuscany

White Wine and Fruit

Bunch of Grapes

Green Grapes Bunch

Glass Border

Grape Border

Le Petit Chateau

Viognier Label

Wine Labels 3

Hand Stand

Hangin' Around


Love Bananas

Monkey and Friend

New Hat

Tree Climber

Christmas Surfer

Tropical Christmas

Bo Peep


Cow Over the Moon

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hickory Dickory

Humpty Dumpty

Jack Horner

Jack & Jill

Mother Goose



To Market

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