Michelle Katz

Michelle Katz was born in Maryland. Michelle has always been drawn to the ocean as well as to themes involving the sea. Her studies included a degree in medical illustration. Michelle worked for over ten years as a designer in the wall coverings field. A master of many styles her work always shows her appreciation of nature’s beautiful offerings.








Four Hibiscus

Safari Elephant

Safari Giraffe

Shell Nostalgia 1

Shell Nostalgia 2

Shell Nostalgia 3

Shell Nostalgia 4

Tropical Palm 1

Tropical Palm 2

Palm Leaf 1

Palm Leaf 2

Exotic Leaf 1

Exotic Leaf 2

Map of the Western Hemisphere

Map of the Eastern Hemisphere

The Joy of Golf

The Joy of Golf 2

Golf Clubs

The Joy of Golf 3

The Joy of Golf 4

Suriname Sassy

Torch Ginger

On the Range 1

On the Range 2

Acanthu Trail


Poppy Dance

Row of Poppies

Passion for Paisley

Tropical Foliage

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