Marianne Caroselli

Marianne Caroselli began her interest in art at an early age. She studied at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art and received a degree in Interior Design. In the early 70ís she moved from the east coast to a ranch in the Southwest where her family kept horses, cows, dogs, cats, and burros, all which became inspiration for her art. Marianne is acclaimed for her portrayals of Southwest themes including wildlife, cowboys, and scenes of Native American life. She is also renowned for her bronze sculptures.

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Mountain Trail

Sacred Visions

School House

Sunset Camp

The Painted Pony

Thoughts of Home

Western Church

Westward Journey

Winter Stagecoach

Winter Warrior

Wolf Family

Wolf Serenade

Wolf Spirit

Wolf Vision





Back to Winter Camp

Caroselli Herding

Dreams of the Warrior

Horses Near the Cabin

In Search of the White Buffalo

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