Joelle Rober Goff

Joelle Rober Goff is devoted to excellence in all her pursuits. She worked many years as a successful model before following her passion as a painter. She works primarily in acrylics as she enjoys the textures and rich color she can achieve.

Joelle is inspired by the glowing colors of the blooms in her gardens in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Rooster 2 - Rooster on artistic background

Rooster V - Rooster on artistic background

Blueberry Alpine Shrub - Floral

Bog Laurel - Floral

Diapensia - Floral

Dwarf Cinquefoil - Floral

Floral Collage - Floral

Hellabore - Floral

Hydrangia - Floral

Labrador Tea - Floral

Mexican Sunflower 1 - Floral

Peach Melba - Floral

Red Tulip - Floral

Summer Winds - Floral

Sunflower - Floral

White Roses - Floral

White Tulips - Floral

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