Jenny Vanisi

Jenny Vainisi is an award winning illustrator whose charming style embraces a range of subjects. Jenny, a digital artist, received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin and currently resides in New York. Her expressive style conveys a strong graphic flair with a sense of whimsy. Her work is inspired by her love of color, beauty, animals, nature, and humor.  She strives to create imagery that is engaging, uplifting, and inspiring.

Mutt Shots

Nine Cats

Cats with Christmas Gifts

Juggling Santa

Peace on Earth

Black Cat

Happy Halloween


Tree of Life

Two Birds

Happy Easter

Sunny Happy Easter

Three Bunnies

Two Bunnies

Two Chicks

Cat Carrying Presents

Cat Sitting on Gifts

Butterfly Spring

Vanisi Butterfly

Welcome Spring



Fall Leaves

Flower Petals

Naples Girl

Cat Birthday Designs

Cat and Gifts Designs

Letter Birthday Designs

Vanisi Flower Designs

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