Marc Desobeau

Marc Desobeau is passionate for railroads and painting. His exceptional train scenes in acrylics and oils capture glimpses of the railroads which have been part our history for over one hundred years. Marc's enthusiasm for his subject is combined with his first hand knowledge of trains as he also works as a Locomotive Engineer.

Big Steam


Crossing Legends

Overland Under Way

Big Trees for Christmas

Christmas Steam

Cool and Collected

Morning Run

Stainless Image - 1

A Midsummer's Mohawk

Canadian Royalty

Grande Northern

Reciprocity Called to Arms

Redwood Sidewinder

Rendezvous of the Chiefs

Wagons and Geeps

American Warbonnet

Cheyenne Relay

Le Capitole

Making Time

Modern Heritage

Portrait at Pulpit Rock

Santa's Hop

Scouting, Santa Fe Style


Steel Patriot

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